Lian Sakhong

Dr. Lian H. Sakhong, Director of the Burma Centre for Ethnic Studies, is a long-term political activist, served as the Chairman of the “Chin National Council” (CNC, 2008-2010), the Vice-Chairman of the “Ethnic Nationalities Council - Union of Burma” (ENC, 2008-2011) and Chairman (2011-2013), and combining the General Secretary post of ENC, Chin National League for Democracy-Exile (CNLD), and United Nationalities League for Democracy-Liberated Areas (UNLD-LA) in 2001-2008. He also was a coordinator of the “Supporting Committee for State Constitutions Drafting Process” (SCSC), 2001-2006; Secretary of “Federal Constitution Drafting and Coordinating Committee” (FCDCC), 2006-2008; and worked as a Research Director of the Euro-Burma Office (Brussels), 2008-2011.


Sai MawnSai Mawn is a project director and trainer on Human Rights, the environment and other issues. He was an administrator for the United Nationalities League for Democracy – Liberated Area from 2001 to 2008. From 2008 until 2012 he was a senior staff member for the  Ethnic Nationalities Council  - Union of Burma.


The Burma Centre for Ethnic Studies Board Members

Chairman - Dr. Kjell-Åke Nordquist is Associate Professor in Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University, Sweden, and was previously the Head of the Department with the same name at Uppsala University. He is presently working at the Research Program on Human Rights and Peace-Building at Stockholm School of Theology, Sweden.
His teaching has been focused on conflict theory, international humanitarian action and local forms of self-government and his research specializations are conflict resolution, self-rule, mediation, and political reconciliation. Nordquist has for many years contributed to peace processes in East Timor, the Middle East, and Colombia.
General Secretary - Mr. Bosse Temnéus is Director of the Swedish Institute of Mission Research at Uppsala University. The role of the Institute is to facilitate international cooperation in teaching and research about the role of religion in society. For twelve years, he served in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands doing language analysis as well as training and guiding of translators.
He has also worked in the Republic of the Philippines for eight years, teaching and developing school curricula for Catholic priests- to-be. Apart from some basic studies in England, Temnéus completed most of his studies at Uppsala University, where he received an MA in Linguistics and Theology, and a Licentiate degree in Church History.
Finance Secretary - Dr. Robert Delaplane is presently Secretary for the Chinland Development & Research Society. He is retired from a position of Senior Research Scientist (1979 to 2006) at the Neutron Research Laboratory at Studsvik, Uppsala University and the Institute of Chemistry, Uppsala University. He has previously served as Professor of Chemistry at the University of Congo (Zaire) in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo from 1969 to 1979.
He received a Ph. D in Physical Chemistry from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A. in 1969 and Docent competence in Inorganic chemistry from Uppsala University in 1985. During these years, he was engaged in fundamental research on studying the structure and physical properties of materials; teaching included courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics.
Member - Dr. Margareta Ehnfors is Professor Emeritus in Health Care Sciences at Örebro University, Sweden. She has been teaching for many years both theory and practice in relation to various health care education disciplines at several Universities and Colleges. She also worked both as a Professor and Director of Studies for many years.
Her research areas are mainly focused on quality of care in nursing and health, on patient participation in care, on nutritional status and on nursing informatics such as the representation of nursing care in patient medical records. She has had many national and international positions in her research areas and is currently a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics Association.
Professor Ehnfors and Dr. Malin Prenkart have been conducting a field study on the health situation of children in Chin State, Burma, and their findings will be published soon.
Member - Run Pen Sakhong graduated from Rangoon University in 1985, and worked as a High School teacher in Thlan Tlang, Chin State in Burma, from 1986-88. After the 1988 democracy movement, and the subsequent crackdown, she fled from the country, continued her study abroad, and earned two master degrees: Master of Science in Social Work from Asian Social Institute, Manila, in 1996, and Master of International humanitarian Assistance from Uppsala University in 2003. She became Research Assistant at the Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies (CPAS), Stockholm University, in 2003-2006.
She is currently a Welfare Officer for the Youth Department at the Social Welfare Office in Uppsala. She is author of Understanding Peacebuilding in the Context of Burma, published in 2003.

The Burma Centre for Ethnic Studies (BCES) is an independent think tank and study centre founded in 2012 to generate ideas on democracy, human rights and federalism as an effective vehicle for “Peace and Reconciliation” in the Union of Burma.

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